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About me

I am Andrea, a Qualified Nutritional Therapist registered with NNA, FNTP and Associated Naturopath with SON Society of Naturopaths. I am based in South East London. 


I have been in Food and Nutrition industry for many years. I started as food and water microbiologist and I then moved into Food Quality becoming a certified organic farm inspector. Following this experience with organic food I came to strongly believe how important good sources of food and nutrition are the keys to good health. I have decided to approach the philosophy of holistic nutrition. This is a complete and natural approach to health, from eating the right foods for your body to healthy lifestyle practicing achieving optimal health. It is a about connecting on a whole level, to get to the root cause of the health concern.


My goal is to help you to enjoy life including what you eat, drink, and how to help you to improve your lifestyle and cope with stress. My role is to help you to understand the causes of your problems and give you recommendations to achieve the solution. To address the root causes of the symptoms, rather than only managing them, leading you to understand how your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

“In food excellent medicine can be found” – Hippocrates

Andrea Mignano

Nutritional Therapist,  Registered Naturopath with MNNA and FNTP, Associated Naturopath with SON Society of Naturopaths


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